BeagleBone PRU

Programmable Real-time Unit Subsystem Achievement unlocked, that is 4 GPIO outputs in real time no more 333ns delay!

Along with the help of BoxySean he has a nice write up on how to "git" the code and compile it on your board. Using the am335x_pru_package created by the BeagleBone Team, it only took me few moments to get the PRU software compiled and running on the BeagleBone Rev.A5.

Installing am335x_pru on the BeagleBone
git clone git://
cd am335x_pru_package/pru_sw/app_loader/interface
cd ../../utils/pasm_source
cd ../../example_apps
cd bin
modprobe uio_pruss
More information and examples over at BoxySean's blog,


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